La MoDe: New Work by Martha Daghlian

In anticipation of Martha Daghlian’s “La MoDe: experimental personal uniforms collection” exhibition at Impossible Box Arts (in Portland, OR on thursday May 4th 2017) we are highlighting a number of glitch-camera based works exclusive to the web. Martha Daghlian’s show incorporates photographs taken with a BPMC modified 4 megapixel digital camera in a series of conceptual fashions and digital prints. It’s definitely a show worth checking out.

“La MoDe is a new collection of experimental fashion concepts by intuitive apparel artist Martha Daghlian. The photographs and garments on display at Impossible Box are personal uniforms, amateur couture, and/or multiverse chic. The artist’s self-portrait photos have been processed through secret special effects engineered by Drew McIntyre of BPMC; the results represent theoretical textile prints for the La MoDe collection. A limited run of prototype uniforms, created in collaboration with Ben Houston of Tellurian Fieldwear, is displayed in La MoDe signature printed twill with official-looking shiny embellishments.”










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